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March 24, 2020

Holland Electronics is keenly focused on the current efforts to reduce the spread of the COVID-19 virus. Our team has had an emergency response plan in place, which we have adapted, to address the unique nature of this pandemic.

We continue our operations, both domestically and abroad, to provide the products needed to support your customers, whether with new network builds or reinforcement of current infrastructure. We have implemented a work-from-home plan for appropriate employees and are practicing social distancing and enhanced anti-viral and cleanliness standards for those that produce and ship products from our facilities, thereby reducing the chances of inadvertent disease transmission.

It is at times like these when most of the country is working and homeschooling over high speed lines from their residence that we realize how vital the work you, our valued customer, do is and we need to ensure these broadband connections to the world. We take our responsibility in assisting you with this effort very seriously and will continue to be a partner that you can count on.

Our production facilities are operating within very strict guidelines. Products and materials are flowing smoothly to and from our facilities throughout our supply chain. We know network demands are high right now due to the large home-based work and school trends around the globe. We are well positioned to resolve your network needs with material on the shelf and ready to ship.

Our top priority is meeting your critical needs for:

How to Contact Us
Call Customer Service 800-677-2288, or by  clicking here.

We will continue to support your needs via phone and email. If needed, we will review any in person visit requests.

We realize that the Covid-19 situation is fluid and will likely continue to change, therefore, we will provide proactive updates on our website, social channels, and via email as more information is known. We look forward to working with you to meet the needs of your customers!

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