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Powering the Network

As the North American manufacturing leader in secondary DC power distribution for over 35 years, Holland Electronics delivers the reliable, high-quality solutions to power, protect, and monitor today’s network servers and equipment. With a variety of power distribution unit (PDU) solutions, including fuse panels and circuit breaker panels, current capacities up to 1000 amp inputs and 400 amp outputs, and nrgSMART™ power monitoring solutions, we design and manufacture the equipment to keep your network up and moving forward.

Our power equipment is NEBS Level 3 independently tested and certified, and UL-Listed.

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DC Power Distribution

We offer an extensive line of fuse panels for secondary power distribution and breaker panels for primary protection applications.

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Fuse Panels

We offer a comprehensive selection of fuse panels for secondary power distribution. With multiple fusing options and installer friendly designs the vast majority of our fuse panels meet both NEBS and are UL listed.
Our fuse panel line includes:

  • GMT Fuse Panels
  • KLM and KLM Combination Fuse Panels
  • TPA Combination Fuse Panels and
  • TPS/TPC/TLS Fuse Panels

Circuit Breaker Panels

Protect your power infrastructure with circuit breaker panels for primary protection applications.
Our breaker panels include:

  • Single-, dual- and quad-bus configurations
  • Field installed breaker counts up to 10 per bus
  • Alarm contacts
  • Individual breaker capacities up to 100A per pole, and
  • Multi-pole options

Increase Revenue with our New 1RU Platform

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nrgSMART is a family of DC power management and monitoring products that provide network technicians with deep, actionable insight into power use on their network. Our nrgSMART products provide monitoring at the circuit level, not the feed level like most monitoring systems on the market. Circuit-level monitoring gives you powerful trend analysis and insights into your equipment performance. nrgSMART power management and monitoring systems give you data via SNMP and modbus on current, voltage, temperature, fuse ratings, low and high threshold limits, alarm status and system health.

nrgSMART keeps your total cost of ownership down by identifying issues before, not when, they become a problem. Providing deep insight into your consumption, it leads to reduced truck rolls for non-critical equipment.

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The Holland Electronics Advantage

Our team has decades of industry experience. We are always innovating to meet customer needs. Our products have:

  • Density to meet all applications
  • Monitoring capabilities to improve customer operations
  • Certification to industry standards to ensure performance, reliability and stability
  • Monitoring to support energy efficiency

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