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Go Green with Holland Electronics' Innovative Broadband Solution.

Holland Electronics' Tech Service Bag II is designed for the active cable technician by eliminating extra trips to the truck, creating accurate drop lengths, eliminating waste and providing a comfortable accessory to carry tools and equipment.

Reel-less Cable Design

  • This means no waste of plastic cores, green solution, easy reel replacements
  • Plenty of storage for parts, iPad, and tools
  • Special feet designed to prevent slipping
  • Easy cable pay out and spooling
  • Water resistant / heavy duty material

Outside the Bag

  • Tool Pouches
  • Parts Pouch
  • Tablet Pouch
  • Auxiliary Rings to Add Extra Storage
  • Water Resistant Bottom
  • 4 Grip Feet
  • Shoulder Strap and Handle for Easy Carrying

Inside the Bag

  • Reel Flange Snaps Off for Easy Cable Coil Replacement
  • Replacement Coil
  • Permanent Reel
  • Flexible Hub and Reel Allows Easy Pay Off

Easy to Replace:


Tear out center plastic wrap on both sides of coil.


Place cable coil over reel hub.


Align tabs and Snap top flange down onto hub.


Remove outer plastic wrap from coil.

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