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This webpage is provided to satisfy the virtual patent marking provisions of various jurisdictions including the virtual patent marking provisions of the America Invents Act and to provide notice under 35 U.S.C. § 287(a). The following list of Holland Electronics products may not be all-inclusive, and other Holland Electronics products not listed here may be protected by one or more patents. In addition, some products listed here may be covered by Holland Electronics patents in the United States and elsewhere that are not listed. This site may include third-party patents or patent applications, and Holland Electronics makes no representation or admission regarding these patents or patent applications, including but not limited to whether such patents or applications are valid and subsisting or whether such third-party patents or applications cover Amphenol’s products.

Representative Product Representative Product Image Representative Part Numbers Representative US Patents (*patent pending)
F Connector with QuickShield® TFC-QC2WBQS-75-1N, TFC-QC2QS-75Q-3N, TFC-QC2QS-75Q-1N, TFC-QC2QS-H59-3L, TFC-QC2QS-H59-3, TFC-QC2QS-5C-3, TFC-QC2QS-59U-3TP, TFC-QC2QS-59U-3LC, TFC-QC2QS-59U-3L, TFC-QC2QS-59U-2LC, TFC-QC2QS-59U-3, TFC-QC2QS-59-3, TFC-QC2NSQS-H59-3, TFC-QC2NSQS-59U-3S, TFC-QC2NSQS-59U-3, TFC-QC2KQS-59U-3, TFC-QC2HKQS-59U-3, TFC-QC2QS-07U-3, TFC-QC2QS-06U-3TP, TFC-QC2QS-06U-3N, TFC-QC2QS-06U-3L, TFC-QC2QS-06U-3LC, TFC-QC2QS-06U-2L, TFC-QC2QS-06U-2LC, TFC-QC2QS-06U-3, TFC-QC2QS-06P-3, TFC-QC2QS-06-3, TFC-QC2QS-06-1NL, TFC-QC2NSQS-06U-3S, TFC-QC2NSQS-06U-3, TFC-QC2KQS-06U-3, TFC-QC2HKQS-06U-3, TFC-QC2QS-11U-3TP, TFC-QC2QS-11U-3MP, TFC-QC2QS-11U-3, TFC-QC2NSQS-11U-39, TFC-QC2NSQS-11U-3 8,231,412(TFC); 8,808,019(TFC); 14/028,355(TFC); 14/584,532(TFC); US20140051285 A1(TFC); WO2015039076 A1(TFC); 8,337,229(PPC); 9,178,8,529,279(PPC); 8,550,835(PPC); 8,858,251(PPC); 8,915,754(PPC); 8,920,182(PPC); 8,920,192(PPC); 14/229,394(PPC); 8,192,237(PPC); 8,313,353(PPC), 8,323,060(PPC), 8,562,366(PPC); 14/104,463(PPC); 9,178,290,B2(PPC); 9,865,943(PPC); 10,686,264(PPC)
F Connector with QuickShield® and QuickTorque® TFC-QC2TQS-11U-3, TFC-1C2NSTQS-06U-3, TFC-QC2TQS-06-1N, TFC-QC2TQS-06-1NL, TFC-QC2TQS-06U-2, TFC-QC2TQS-06U-2L, TFC-QC2TQS-06U-1LC, TFC-QC2TQS-06U-3, TFC-QC2TQS-06U-3L, TFC-QC2TQS-06U-3LC, TFC-QC2TQS-59U-3, TFC-QC2TQS-59U-3L, TFC-QC2TQS-59U-3LC, TFC-QC2TQS-59U-2, TFC-QC2TQS-59U-2L, TFC-QC2TQS-59U-2LC 7,544,094 B1(TFC); 7,618,276 B2(TFC); 8,231,412(TFC); 8,808,019(TFC); 14/028,355(TFC); 14/584,532(TFC); US20140051285 A1(TFC); WO2015039076 A1(TFC); CA2710220 A1(TFC); CN101953034A(TFC); EP2232647 A2(TFC); EP2232647 A4(TFC); 8,337,229(PPC); US20090163076(TFC); WO2009085735 A2(TFC); WO2009085735 A3(TFC); 8,529,279(PPC); 8,550,835(PPC); 8,858,251(PPC); 8,915,754(PPC); 8,920,182(PPC); 8,920,192(PPC); 14/229,394(PPC); 8,192,237(PPC); 8,313,353(PPC); 8,323,060(PPC); 8,562,366(PPC); 14/104,463(PPC); 9,178,290 B2(PPC); 9,865,943(PPC); 10,686,264(PPC)
TFC Tech Bag Reel T036454 9,695,008; 9,862,566
Tech Service Bag II T036454, T036455, T036456, T036594, T036595,T036597, T036605, T036606, T036607, T036610, T036612, TFC-RLSCOMP-NB

Cable having a part number ending in “D5”, such as, for example but not by way of limitation, the following part numbers: 006277V04BK001SFT0D5; 006277V04BK031SFT0D5; 006277V04NE031SFT0D5; 006277V04WH001SFT0D5; 006277V04WH031SFT0D5; 006277V14BK031SFT0D5; 006277V14NE031SFT0D5; 006277V14WH031SFT0D5; and 006E77V04BK001SFT0D5.

10,589,957; 10,906,770; 10,906,771; 10,913,632; 10,941,016; 10,988,342; 10,988,343; 10,994,964; 11,001,471
DOCSIS Passive IPGH3M4-VF 9,167,286 (PPC); 9,516,376 (PPC); 9,860,591 (PPC); 10,149,004 (PPC); 10,154,303 (PPC); 10,154,304 (PPC); 10,284,903 (PPC); 10,284,904 (PPC); 10,419,813 (PPC)
Data Plus MoCA Amplifier IPA2004DSL2-RSVFA; IPA2004DL2-RSVF-85; IPA2004DSL2-RSVFA-85; IPA2008DSL2-RSVFA; IPA2008DL2-RSVF-85; IPA2008DSL2-RSVFA-85; IPA2008DL2-RSVF 8,510,782 (PPC); 9,167,286 (PPC); 9,351,051 (PPC); 9,516,376 (PPC); 9,860,591 (PPC); 10,142,677 (PPC); 10,149,004 (PPC); 10,154,302 (PPC); 10,154,303 (PPC); 10,154,304 (PPC); 10,284,903 (PPC); 10,284,904 (PPC); 10,341,718 (PPC); 10,341,719 (PPC); 10,419,813 (PPC)
MDx Holland Electronics-MDXWB-59-CPP; Holland Electronics-MDXWB-06-CPP; Holland Electronics-MDXWB-11-CPP 10,862,228

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