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Finding more capacity in OSP fiber

Holland Electronics expands the capacity of fiber with a DWDM solution that combines simplicity, security and reliability. The OSP-AOM along with the HiDT have been designed to handle high channel counts in a package which exploits and expands the capacity of many of the most popular OSP closures. By virtue of their port density and form factor, and utilizing previously unused space within the closure, these Holland OSP devices might very well save the cost of placement of additional closures.

Find more capacity in your network fiber, and stretch your capital investment using the OSP-AOM or the HiDT modules.

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Holland Electronics DWDM solutions are a cost-effective solution to the need for more high-speed network capacity:

  • Passive modules available with variety of channel counts, up to 48 ch
  • Module designs optimized to integrate into FOSC™ closure family
  • Innovative HiDT housing (≤ 8ch) allows for installation of two modules on a standard tray and up to six modules on the FOSC D tray
  • Color coded fibers and/or wavelength labels on each fiber provide easy identification
  • Single end fiber ports for more efficient routing and splicing
  • Test ports conveniently located on the outboard position of the OSP-AOM

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