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Hardline Offering

Seamless, Flexible and Durable Hardline Cable Offerings

Holland Electronics’ T10 & TX10 hardline cable is a seamless extruded tube that will outlast the standard welded tube cables. This cable is designed to eliminate pinhole leaks and microcracking and can be used with industry-standard coring tools and connectors.

Holland Electronics provides the best quality and supply of hardline cables in the industry.

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Hardline Cable Key Features

  • Clean coreability and preparation
  • Triple bonded
  • Tighter bend radius than double-bonded cable
  • No air gap; eliminates a common path for moisture found in double-bonded cable
  • Eliminates suck backs and prevents suck outs
  • Works with industry-standard coring tools and connectors
  • NEC 820 CATV & CATVR listings available
  • Recyclable reels and packaging
10 year warranty, tariff free, made in the USA, fast turnaround

Why Choose Holland Hardline Cable

  • Manufacturing hardline cable for 75+ years
  • Ten-year limited warranty
  • 99.9999% quality rating
  • Fast turnaround and short lead times
  • Tariff Free
  • Made in the USA
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Meeting the Demand for Bandwidth

Meeting the demand for bandwidth means a modular fiber management system that gives the building blocks to deliver adaptability for high-density options, organization and expandability for future growth.

Holland Electronics delivers next-gen broadband solutions across the entire spectrum of network topologies; wireless, copper, fiber and satellite.

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“Getting the Best Out of Coax”

Holland Electronics partnered with SCTE to discuss the capabilities and how best to utilize coax. Watch our webinar to learn more about coax and our innovative products.

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