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Fiber Distribution

High Density Shelf / Bracket

Holland Electronics High Density Brackets offer unparalleled capacity for premises and similar applications. Similarly, the Holland Electronics High Density Shelves bring a new level of access, convenience, and security to its Fiber Splice Shelf, enabling quick and easy fiber splicing and connectivity for rack mount applications.

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C2X is an efficient and versatile fiber distribution platform. The C2X chassis' supports multiple patch, patch/splice and pre-terminated fiber configurations available in either bulkhead or module solutions. C2X tray based option accepts AOM (Advanced Optical Modules) for patch, patch/splice, as well as splitters, MPO breakouts, and WDMs. C2X is available in 1, 2, 3, or 4RU and effectively manages and supports vast fiber counts.

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The C2E chassis provides a Data Center solution that is dense, modular and tray based. It is offered as either a dedicated Base-8 solution using the C2 Base-8 modules for MPO or MTP breakout modules, or a dedicated Base-12 version.

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LiNC™ & ESTR – Slack Storage Tray

LiNC is Amphenol’s revolutionary rapid-deployment multi-fiber end- to-end solution. LiNC consists of our streamlined 1RU 19/23” rack/ cabinet mount LiNC chassis, up to four 12 or 24 fiber LiNC MPO breakout modules, and the time-saving option of ready-to-use 12/24F MPO-MPO factory integrated spooled trunk cables, with up to 200 feet of fiber for rapid deployment.

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