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Slack Storage Box

Holland Electronics offers a Slack Storage Box (SSB) that employs a craft-friendly design to protect, organize and store fiber slack. By combining its storage capabilities with other products that manage splices and microducts, a complete fiber management solution for MDUs or business environments is created.

* Slack Storage Box shown without included Cover

The SSB is compatible with Holland Electronics’s line of Fiber Splice Boxes. Its ports directly align with the fiber ports on either the FSB-A or FSB-D simply by installing it with a horizontal or vertical orientation. It mounts adjacent to these Fiber Splice Boxes, as well as to our Microduct Manifold, without the need for any special fittings to couple these elements together.

The innovative design of the Slack Storage Box allows the cover to be attached on either the right or left side delivering flexibility that easily accommodates different installation scenarios. The box requires no accessories, eliminating the need to assign part numbers, maintain inventory and train field technicians on additional components.

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