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Riser Pipes & Wire Guards

Keep coax and fiber optic cable drops organized, protected and safe with Amphenol’s non-metallic riser pipes and wire guards

Many service calls resulting from accidental cable damage can be prevented by the use of riser pipes and wire guards. Proper wire management of both aerial and buried wire drops and ground wires not only increases safety, but also is aesthetically pleasing at the customer premises. Holland Electronics Riser Pipes and Wire Guards are constructed out of lightweight, UV stabilized PVC that will not rust, dent or corrode. A smooth inside surface finish prevents cable snags. They can be easily handled and cut on the job site, and offer inexpensive protection against wind, snagging, and vandalism.

To meet your every need, Holland Electronics offers straight, offset, and elbowed riser configurations as well as a large selection of couplers, end caps, and clamps to finish the job right.

Two series are available with differing cable capacities: 119/122 Series Risers & Wire Guards feature a 7/8” outside diameter; 219/222 Series Risers & Wire Guards feature a 11⁄4” outside diameter.

Split Risers for Fiber Optic Cables

Pre-connectorized fiber drops with large connectors can be troublesome to protect with standard-sized riser pipes. Holland Electronics Split Risers allow technicians to protect fiber optic cables without having to force the bulky connector ends through the pipe. Instead, the cable can be easily inserted through the split design.The split edge is then mounted towards the premises wall, providing total coverage. Split Riser is identified with and “s” at the end of the part number.


• Utility pole to buried wire
• Aerial drop wire to station protector
• Station protector to ground (ground wire)
• Station protector to buried wire


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