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Amphenol Network Solutions’ nrg600BT08-M 600A dual-feed 8/8 circuit breaker/TFD Load Center with 5 GMTs features -48V operating voltage to fit in legacy and “next-gen” network applications. The advanced circuit level monitoring is engineered into a 4 RU footprint.

Voltage range, nominal voltage -40V to -60V (nominal -48 VDC)
Max. input load rating 600A per side at max
Short circuit withstand rating 5000A
Nominal power loss at full load Less than 75W per side @ 28.000W full load per side (600A x 48V)
Percentage of full power dissipation at
nominal voltage
Less than 1%
Max. input interrupt device 750A
Input terminal studs (with nuts, flat washers and
spring washers) for dual-hole compression lugs
•  Two pair of 3/8-16 studs on 1 in. centers per terminal (max lug width of  1.94 in. [49.2 mm]) per pair
•  Torque nut (using 9/16 in. or 15 mm wrench) to 150 in./lb. (~17 N m), max.
Input wire size #1 AWG to 750 MCM
Dual-Hole Outputs
Max. output single-pole, long-delay circuit
breaker (ea.)
Max. output TPC, TPS, or TLS 125A
Max. output load (ea) – continuous 100A
Minimum short circuit interrupt rating 5000A
Output terminal studs (with KEPS, nuts, and
washers) for dual-hole compression lugs
•  1/4-20 studs on 5/8 in. centers (max. lug width of 0.680 in. [15.8 mm] for a BATT terminal and
0.70 in. [17.7 mm] for a RETURN terminal)
•  Torque bolts (using 7/16 in. or 12 mm wrench) to 50 in./lb. (~5.5 N m), max.
Output wire size #14 AWG minimum
GMT Outputs
Max. GMT output fuse (ea) 20A
Max. GMT output load (ea) continuous 14A
GMT output terminals for compression lugs •  10, remvable, #6-32 panhead screws (max. lug width of 0.29 in. [7.4 mm])
•  Torque to 6.3 in./lb. (~0.7 N m), max.
GMT output wire size #22 AWG to #12 AWG, depending on output fuse rating
Dry Contact Alarms
Alarm wire size #22 to #18 AWG
Alarm terminals Wire-wrap
Relay contact ratings Dry Form-C contacts (1A @ 30 VDC, 0.5A @ 60 VDC, 0.3A @ 125 VAC)
Max. Alarm Power Rating @ 24V: 72 mA (1.73W)
@ 48V: 147 mA (7.06W)
Earth GND terminal bolts (with washers) for
dual-hole compression lugs
•  Two pair of 1/4-20 threaded holes on 5/8 in. centers
•  Torque bolts (using 7/16 in. or 12 mm wrench) to 50 in./lb. (5.5 N•m), max
Ground wire size #2 AWG recommended
Voltage Sensor 
Sensor Accuracy 0 to -19.99V:  ±0.3V,  -20V to -60V: ±0.1V
Voltage Measurement Range 0 to -60 VDC
Feed Voltage Detection 0 to -19.99V:  Alarm,  -20V to -60V:  Normal
•  Voltage measurement may be slightly different than at input terminal blocks due to the voltage drop within the panel.
•  Sensors are factory calibrated and do not require user adjustment 
nrgNET sensor and alarm card power -18 VDC nominal
nrgNET data communication RS-485
nrgNET connector Removable 5-pin connector with screw down terminals
nrgNet connector functions nrgNET IN from the nrgCONTROL or nrgSMART panel,
nrgNET OUT to next inline nrgSMART panel
Supported protocols Proprietary nrgNET used to communicate between panels and controller
Fit and Finish 
Material 14-gauge Steel
Color Pewter grey powder coat
Dimensions (L x W x H) 12″ x 17.25″ x 7″
Rack Space 4 RU
Operating temperature -5ºC to 55ºC
Humidity 0 to 90%, non-condensing
Weight (approximate) 
Installed 47 lbs. (21.3 kg)
Shipping 49.1 lbs. (22.3 kg)
•  Standard one-year warranty on all parts
•  The warranty is extended through the addition of the annual maintenance and support contract (nrgSMART-APSC)

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