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Multi-Purpose Housing CMPH-7C

A proven, versatile enclosure designed to environmentally protect outside plant equipment and cabling in CATV networks.

The Holland Electronics CMPH-7C Series Multi-Purpose Housing is designed for new installations as well as rehabilitation of existing CATV pedestal housings. The superior structural strength, outstanding environmental protection and ease of installation combine to create a long-life housing that reduces operational expenses. The CMPH-7C series housing has proven itself as a versatile workhorse supporting in a wide variety of applications and customer networks.


  • Cable television amplifier, passives and optical node enclosure
  • Retrofits and upgrades to replace failing metallic enclosures
  • Split base for simplified placement around existing cables

As a passive or active storage enclosure the CMPH-7C can be a better option than a handhole, providing an easy to locate and access, versus underground handholes potential of water fill and freezing.

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