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Louvered Vertical Pedestals

Louvered pedestals for housing active (heat generating) CATV / Broadband Components

Holland’s Louvered Vertical Plastic Pedestals provide mounting facilities and security for line extenders, amplifiers and other equipment. The louvered vents provide excellent heat dissipation with louvered protection. Built-in raceways on both sides of the pedestal cover allow the bracketry frame to slide into position in the cover and glide the locking mechanism easily into position when opening or closing the pedestal. These pedestals are self-supporting and require no additional mounting stake for support. Simply bury the pedestal base to the desired depth and backfill. All hardware and bracketry options are constructed of aluminum and stainless steel. A variety of locking options are available to address your specific security needs.

Lock Options

Holland Electronics offers a variety of lock options including the popular self-locking dome system. This lock system consists of a spring-loaded lock (hook) installed in the housing top that automatically engages a base catch installed in the housing base. No tools are required for lock activation. Simply align the housing top over its base and let go. An audible metallic click signifies that the pedestal is properly locked. The lock (hook) is unlocked by a 1/4 turn rotation of the tamper proof bolt.

Dome Color Options

Holland Electronics CATV Pedestals and Housings are available in UV-resistant colors that will not fade, chalk or discolor. Color is consistent and uniform throughout material.

Three standard color choices are:

1 = Medium Green
2 = Light Green
4 = Dark Green

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