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LiNC™ & ESTR – Slack Storage Tray


LiNC™ is Amphenol’s revolutionary rapid-deployment multi-fiber end- to-end solution. LiNC consists of our streamlined 1RU 19/23” rack/ cabinet mount LiNC chassis, up to four 12 or 24 fiber LiNC MPO breakout modules, and the time-saving option of ready-to-use 12/24F MPO-MPO factory integrated spooled trunk cables, with up to 200 feet of fiber for rapid deployment.

The LiNC system provides instantaneous 12/24 Fiber MPO-MPO trunk cable deployment with 12 or 24 breakout ports; just unspool the factory terminated MPO cable assembly from the near-end chassis integrated reel and run the MPO cable to the far-end LiNC chassis equipped with the MPO 12/24F breakout module for highly reliable, high-performance fiber networks. The chassis-mount reel of 12/24F trunk cable eliminates the need to measure exact lengths and then wait for cable fabrication and delivery. Unspooling just the exact cable length needed eliminates the slack management issues that come from ordering cable assemblies with added in slack margin. LiNC eliminates the need for fiber-expert installers or data center technicians.

Amphenol’s LiNC takes the complexity out of fiber deployment with its ready-to-use MPO plug-and-go technology. It is cost-effective, reliable, and easy to install for instantaneous deployment in central offices, data centers, headends, PONs and premise LAN applications


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  • Single Part Ordering Near-End and Far-End System
  • 1RU Chassis supports 4 Integrated Spool mounts
  • Up to 48 SC or 96 LC Breakout ports
  • Up to four 12F and 24F MPO LiNC modules per chassis
  • Rapid-deploy MPO-MPO connectorized factory spooled trunk
  • Single handed module pull-out to access LC connectors safely and securely
  • Designed for simplified connector cleaning process
  • Chassis slide-back top cover for ease of access
  • Hassle free magnetic quick view Clear Front Door
  • Eliminates fiber slack storage needs

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