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Composite Mounting Pad (CPAD) Alpha Power Supply Cabinet

This Composite Pad (CPAD) that replaces poured-in-place or pre-cast concrete pads. The CPAD enables carriers to more rapidly deploy their network by eliminating days of project work for poured-in-place concrete pads, and the heavy equipment requirements and safety concerns of handling and transporting pre-cast concrete pads.

At a fraction of the weight of concrete, CPAD provides a rigid platform for mounting enclosures that house equipment and batteries.

In addition to facilitating easier and faster installation, the CPAD provides the ability to utilize the open space on the bottom side of the pad as additional workspace, helping route RF cables and providing economical fiber slack storage.

The advanced composite materials used to make the CPAD meet the chemical resistance, flammability, brush-fire, UV exposure, impact resistance, and water absorption requirements of ANSI/SCTE-77. In addition, CPAD sizes have been created to support Amphenol’s CUBETM Small Cell Series cabinets and shrouds. In product testing, the CPAD surpassed a GR-487 Over-Turn Moment Test which simulated 150 MPH wind force.

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