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The C21 chassis is a 1RU tray-based bulkhead solution offering improved access in tight spaces, maximizing density in the rack. Available in multiple configurations such as patch, patch/splice, or pre-terminated, the 1RU chassis deploys up to 48 SC or 96 LC terminations in a sliding tray and is compatible with stranded or ribbon fibers.

The 1RU chassis is unique and does not use the same modules or adapter packs as the 2RU, 3RU, and 4RU C2X chassis, but rather relies on the LGX® style patch plates.

LGX® is a registered trademark of OFS FITEL, LLC.

The C21 provides an efficient and accessible solution for any part of the network.  This panel is adaptable to support the user with the answer to any network demands, including patch, patch and splice, or both LGX and AOM optical modules. Available with SC, LC, and MPO adapter types, as well as fiber cables up to 3.0mm in diameter with any boot type, it can be mounted in 19-inch or 23-inch racks or cabinets.

Dimensions :: 1.5″H x 17″W x 13.5″D

Termination Capacity: 48 SC and MPO, or 96 LC Ports


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