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240GT54/nrg240GT54 – 240A Dual-Feed Combination Fuse Panel

The Holland Electronics 240GT54/nrg240GT54 combination fuse panels are 240A dual-feed and provide 5/5 GMT fuse positions and 4/4 TPA fuse or circuit breaker positions. Our 240GT54/nrg240GT54 panels feature ±12/±24/±48V operating voltages to serve both legacy and “next-gen” network applications.

Engineered into a standard 1RU footprint, with circuits that support up to 20A GMT fuses and 50A TPA fuses or 60A breakers in each position, providing ample capacity for distribution to a broad range of components. The panel is available in standard terminal block outputs or connectorized outputs.

This platform provides front access to alarm enable/disable switch configuration for uninstalled TPA fuse or breaker locations. Also featured are front LED indicators for power/fuse alarms, monitoring status, rear connections for form C relay alarms, and optional nrgSMART connections.

Each of the 240A feeds provide power for up to five GMT and four TPA or breakers output positions. The panel includes removable 1RU TPA fuse holders. These 1RU TPA fuse holders feature an ergonomic front grip for easy removal, sliding top cover to protect the fuse from above, and red alarm plunger to

indicate a failed fuse. Circuit breakers are an optional accessory and can be installed with a protective cover to protect against unintended on or off switching. Circuit breaker covers are included with all panels. Field replaceable GMT fuses are available from 18/100A to 20A. TPA fuses are available from 5A to 50A per position. Breakers are available from 5A to 60A per position. The panel supports universal voltages (±12VDC to ±48VDC).

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