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Custom Configured Solutions (CCS)

Designing Future Proof Networks

We have a team of industry experts, our CCS (Custom Configured Solutions) application engineering team, that have decades of experience and a devotion to increasing the performance, availability, and reliability of communications networks, that can help. Whether you are responsible for the layer one infrastructure of a Data Center, a C-Ran Hub, Central Office, Headend or a different area of the network, we can support your latest project by creating a complete solution that is future proof - all of your needs in one solution.

We create:

  • Custom configurations to meet the specific requirements of your network locations
  • Solutions: fiber management, DC power, optical passives, cable management, racks
  • Drawings and a complete bill of materials ready to order
  • Detailed fiber raceway layouts for each network location
  • Pre-terminated solutions that save time and money on installations

With a quick turnaround from receipt of building layout and network requirements, to a drawing with a corresponding bill of materials, your projects will be well underway.

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Industry Experts

Our CCS engineering team is eager to learn about your application and provide an end-to-end solution that can be ordered as a single part number. Want to save on install costs? We will kit and ship your order right to your install location - saving you time and money on each deployment.

We offer:

  • Quick turn-around to meet your deadlines
  • Drawings to scale so you can visualize placement of equipment
  • Complete bill of materials for easy ordering

As connectivity changes and evolves, it's no small job to maintain focus on the future as well as the present. Amphenol Network Solutions is committed to help you address every need in your network and meet every challenge of today and tomorrow.

Cable Management Layouts

When it's time to add more fiber cable to support user demand, an optical fiber raceway that's easy to modify and scale makes retrofits less expensive.

A solid end-to-end solution allows engineers to build the network for today, yet plan for growth tomorrow. We understand that every network facility is different, and your cable management solution needs to be unique, too. Our team uses your specifications to develop a WaveTrax solution that is perfect for your facility. We provide a drawing to scale and a bill of materials that makes ordering a breeze.

Pre-Terminated Solutions

We offer multiple configurations of pre-terminated panels and our engineering team can assist with creating a solution to meet your needs. Pre-terminated fiber distribution panels include our C2X and LCX. Increase your ROI by decreasing the installation time with any of the pre-terminated solutions.

Let our team help you develop a custom configured solution to meet your pre-term needs. Our engineering team uses your specifications to develop a full bill of materials, or even a custom single product number for you to use to make future orders simple.

Ease of Ordering

Our engineers can build out an entire end-to-end solution that can be duplicated for all of the regions under your responsibility. We generate a bill of materials that includes Amphenol Network Solutions products, other Amphenol products if applicable, and even non-Amphenol products if that is the best solution for your network. Our goal is to create an ease of ordering and provide cost and time savings so you can move on to the next project.

Solution, drawings & complete bill of materials - what could be simpler?

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